So much more than social media.

Digital Media is a fickle bitch. There are countless platforms and a million puzzle pieces that have to all fit together to achieve your online dreams. Our clients need help with different things as they travel along their business journey, and we've developed a suite of services and other offerings to help them reach one common goal- tell stories to the right people in the right places to make something good happen.

Social Media Management
Content Management
Campaign Management
In-House Community Management

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Recurring Services

We currently offer three levels of social media management to fit each client's individual goals and needs, pricing based on number of platforms and volume of content.

Our content management services are used to help clients with consistent email marketing, blog posts, and podcast promotion for weekly content our client's produce.

Campaign management covers both ads management for the periodical content clients share (the consistent content that is being posted regardless of what is happening in the company), and short-term marketing campaigns that are time-sensitive to achieve a specific goal.

Brand Design
Web Design
Photography + Creative Direction
Email Funnel Development

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Stand Alone Services

Creating beautiful, cohesive online spaces for clients takes a multi-disciplined approach. We start with a brand design that communicates the core values of your company both visually and through the written word. 

We then take the brand guidelines created and craft websites, sales pages, and landing pages using the ShowIt platform (with a Wordpress Blog if needed) to create a site that functions as your Home on the internet that evolves fluidly with your business.

We also incorporate photography, short form videography, and add in creative direction to take away all the guesswork from your brand shoots and craft imagery that speaks to your ideal audience.

The Neighborhood Website Hosting
Website Project Bundle Hours

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The biggest barrier that people have to getting a new website created is the maintenance. Of course, you are not a website developer- so the thought of handling all the updates, backups, and any changes you'd like made can be...overwhelming. 

Well, jump right on over that barrier, because we've built a neighborhood of websites that we manage and maintain for you. Think of it like a really awesome HOA that doesn't get mad at you if you park in the street or have loud parties after 10 pm. 

We host your website on our monthly hosting plan, handle your backups, update your site weekly, and reach out to you each month to see if you need any changes made. You get two hours of web design each month included in your plan, and are invited to an optional monthly website coaching call so you can learn more about your site and how to make it evolve over time to fit your ever-changing goals. Need more than 2 hours a month? We have project bundles you can purchase for any additional work needed!

The Artisan Process

1. Book An Assessment Call

Fill out the form below to be put into our automated Assessment Sequence. You can pick a time that works best for you, and get our Service Magazine sent to your inbox.

2. Chat with our team

At our Assessment Call we'll review your business, talk about your goals, and see if we're a business match made in heaven.

3. Get a custom proposal

After the Assessment Call, you'll be sent a custom proposal based on your goals that includes a breakdown of services, scope of work, payment schedule, and our service agreement.

4. Retainers & agreements

Pay your retainers online, sign off on the agreement and then you're officially an Artisan Client. You'll receive a series of questionnaires to fill out to give us as much information as possible before work commences on your project.

5. client onboarding

You'll also receive our Welcome Guide which includes our Studio Policies, and about the experience of working with Artisan. New client onboarding is 14 days before the start of your project, and you'll get cozy with the team working on your account.

6. Strategy Session

If you're lucky enough to be local, we'll kick off your project with an in person strategy session, or a Zoom call if you're elsewhere in the world. Here we'll take all the information we've gathered, and together brainstorm on how best to share it with the right audience.

Work With Us

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The first step is filling out the form! Once you're in our database you will get access to our booking calendar to choose your date for an Artisan Assessment to see how we can help you best.