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Brand Identity Design

We start with the visual representation of your brand; which is the same thing as your reputation. What do you want people to say about your business when you are not in the room? We use color, typography, variations of logo designs, textures, illustrations, and graphic elements to guide the story you want to tell your ideal clients.


Brand Voice Development

Words can be hard. If you’re not a writer, but want the words of your website, your email marketing, and your social media posts to be effective and tell your story, we can help. We create a Brand Voice Guide for you to get clear on how your brand sounds where ever people are reading your words.


Showit Website Design

After years of tried and true testing aaaaaallll the website development platforms out there, we’ve settled home with Showit. We love the flexibility of Showit, and the capability to create any layout and format we can dream up - paired with the amazing support of the Showit team. We flow through our website design method to think of the client and how you want them to interact with your brand FIRST so it functions in the best way possible. Then we create the design for a beautiful, seamless online experience.


Flodesk Email Funnel Development

Similar to website platfoms, when it comes to email marketing platforms- we’ve tried them all. Our agency has landed on and loved Flodesk for it’s ease of function, beautiful and customizable templates, and affordable monthly price for unlimited subscribers and email sends. Our team will set up an email opt-in on your website, and an automated email nurture sequence to get your subscribers introduced to your brand, learn more about what you offer, and ultimately build trust that you are the best fit to help them achieve their goal. 


Instagram & Facebook Ads Funnel Setup

Even if you don’t plan on running Instagram or Facebook advertising in the foreseeable future, it’s a good idea to get your funnels set up. Here’s why- when you ARE ready to run ads to an offer or for an event it’s going to save you so much money to run those conversion ads to a warm audience. So getting your Ads Manager Account, setting up your Facebook Pixel, installing it on your website, and tracking your website traffie will give you a head start when you’re ready to dive into the ads deep end.

We’ll get you all set up with those things we listed and get you started with a kick-off campaign to run ads to your website opt-in to get more traffic to your website and grow that email list. 


Creative Direction Consult for Photography

We all need images for our websites, social media content, email broadcasts, and for marketing campaigns but it can be a chaotic mess to know what photos you need for everything once you’ve finally found a photographer.

We’ll spend time together on Zoom reviewing the images you need for all the places in your Digital Presence and create an inspiration board and guide to make your brand photoshoot as effective as possible to the images you want.


12 Month
Site Hosting & Maintenance

We don’t want to send you home with this shiny new platform without any support from our team. Once your site is launched you will receive 12 months of support included in your monthly retainer to be there for any questions, troubleshooting, additional website design, updates, or new projects that pop in your head throughout the year with your new site.

We host your site on Showit, and offer up to 2 hours design project hours to complete anything you want for your site. If you don’t use your hours for the month, they accumulate within the 12 months and can be used anytime within your retainer.

We also offer additional project hours if needed at a package price for projects that exceed the scope of Digital Presence Design.


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