Digital Presence Audit

Hiya, Friend! Looking for a little feedback on your digital presence? From a lovely, 3rd party person (not your mom) who will give you gentle yet constructive suggestions and observations? Well, then our digital offering  audit is for you. Grab a cuppa of your favorite bevvie and snuggle in, we are about to become best friends in the digital age as I'm here to help. Whether you are thinking about a website and social refresh, reboot, or a complete redo, I'll give you a little magical insight as to how we can really make your digital presence pop and flourish. Keep reading below for more of the juicy details and see you soon over Zoom!

30 Minute
$39 Consultation


More of the magical details

With our 30 minute consultation, we'll go over your entire website and social accounts. We will look at each webpage, e-commerce, buttons, aesthetic, links, and more to see where you could use a little pep in your step!

Depending on your business (or personal) needs, I'll make recommendations about how to boost your digital presence, and share your journey so it resonates with the right people, and help you to master being user-friendly for your audience. 

From images to copy to logo to overall design, your digital presence is an extension of you, and if it doesn't look or feel like you do, in your best, most shiny, version of yourself, well ... it might be time for a few changes, and I'll be happy to walk through some ideas for you!

You'll be able to ask any questions you like - like those ones that you mumble into your pillow at night, too embarrassed to say out loud, but you can say them to me. And then we'll have you on your way to digital nirvana. It's a thing. Trust me.

You will receive:

1.  30 minute consultation with a member of the Artisan Team
2.  A recording of your meeting

New Client Application

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The first step is filling out an Artisan Client Application. Once you're in our database you will get access to our booking calendar to choose your date for an Assessment Call over Zoom to see how we can help you best.