Heidi Weinberg Personal Trainer

We were introduced to Heidi by one of Krista’s best friends who happens to be a personal trainer (and is also an amazing client!). It’s always exciting when we come across a client who has a very specific group of people they help, and Heidi’s niche of training people with Parkinson’s Disease in her local area is the kind of project that makes our hearts sing. 

Listening to her talk about where she wants to take her business and all the ways she is able to make an impact in her clients’ lives was so inspiring. We are so lucky to be able to go on this journey of creating an online brand with her.

We developed the first look of her brand identity based on her questionnaire, and after she selected her favorite color palette and logo betas, we developed this brand board for her with a customized color palette, fonts she liked, a pattern to use in her print material and on her website and an initial business card mockup. We kept her old brand name, Live2Thrive, to use for potential programs she may want to create for her clientele but used her name for the main logo.


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