Taking our two super powers and using them for good (and money).

We’re Krista & Rosemary- one a new yoga teacher, and one the founder of a creative media agency that happens to practice yoga.

Its a match made in digital heaven, and now we get to help you build your brand and you get to dive head first into this wild world of online business. 

Find us meditating, in downward dog, or designing a website.

Meet the Wayfinder Team

Krista is a proud Kitten Mom.

Rosemary is a proud kitten, dog, and human mom.

Krista has a wanderlust that has taken her all around the world.

Rosemary lives in the house she grew up in.

Krista grew up an athlete and got her yoga teacher training in Bali in 2019.

Rosemary grew up a dancer and was introduced to yoga through a podcast 13 years ago. 

Both of us have discovered a newfound love of paddle boarding, and were introduced to through our friend Misty, another yoga teacher; and have launched another new project, MVMNT to host yoga and other in person experiences.


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