We love yoga teachers

And we want to help them build their personal brand online so they can make money with their craft no matter what is happening in the world and the economy.

Create an online presence

You may have never been online before, or you might have pieced together some sort of a logo or website for yourself. Either way we can create a new brand identity and website  to fit your personality and attract the people that want to learn from you. 

Gather an audience

We know that “If you build it they will come” sounds really awesome on field of dreams, but that’s usually not a great business strategy. You actually have to tell people that you have something to offer. We help you create consistent content to let people know you exist, like you enough to pay attention to you over time, and then trust you to pay you money.

Bring your teaching online

Start offering classes, workshops, or any other offering you can think of online on your own platform so you’re never at the mercy of a brick and mortar studio or what’s happening in the world to be able to make an income.


Brand Identity Design

Usually when you think ‘brand“ you think logos, but there’s so much more to a brand identity than that. We piece together a visual identity so whenever people see your brand colors, your patterns, your social graphics,  even the style of photos you share online- they remember you exist.

Website Design

You may have been able to piece together a website with some free software or an inexpensive template, but did you make sure to layout your User Experience to be optimized to convert clients?
Probably not. Let’s get that done together.

Website Hosting + Coaching

One of the last things you want to do is to remember to update your plug-ins or keep your website version current. We can host and backup your site daily, offer monthly service hours to help you make any changes you need, and even have group coaching sessions to help you understand how to use your website better.

Photo + Video

If you’re lucky enough to be local to Arizona, we love connecting in person for photo shoots and video! We also offer post production of video if you want to film yourself and have us create content optimized for YouTube, IGTV, or your Facebook Page.

Membership development

Online memberships are all the rage, and having your own membership site with content that is exclusive only to members is a great way to build a business doing what you love.  We can add on a membership site to the website we build you so you can make some money with doing the things you’re already doing.

Sales systems

There are many pieces to a sales system, and we’ll help you navigate all of them to attract leads with Email Opt-Ins, Instagram and Facebook Ads, and funnels.

Yoga Studio

When one of our team members at our agency lost her yoga teaching job to a closing studio, Wayfinder was created. We ran across so many other yoga instructors and healers that had become displaced because of Covid and the volatile state of our economy.

Very quickly we realized that people needed a solution to take their teaching online, but it’s a daunting task especially if you’re not comfortable online or have ever been your own boss.

Thinking outside of the box is our jam, so I’m thrilled to say that our team member Krista was able to get a new teaching job at a new space, create a Yoga Community with a couple of fun friends, and build a personal brand for her Yoga and Reiki practice.

Not to mention any names, but…

Let’s avoid you crying  in your yoga pants eating Nutella from the jar on the floor of your kitchen because you don’t know when you can get back to teaching yoga like you used to.

I’m not Nostradamus so I can’t tell you if it’s ever going to be like it used to, but what I can tell you is that you will have so much more peace of mind if you have options of how you can teach yoga or continue your healing practice.



Becoming a Wayfinder Client

Chat with us at your Assessment

The first step is a Zoom Call so we can talk “face to face” about your brand and see if we are a good fit to help reach your goals. We’ll create a custom proposal for you and answer any questions you may have about working with us.

Fill out the client homework questionnaires

Once you pay your invoice, you’ll be sent our client homework questionnaires to give us the info we need to work on your project. We’ll chat over zoom about your questionnaires to help you answer some of the questions you may never have thought of before.

Get your timeline and get ready to bring your teaching online 

We start working on your project based on your timeline and will be sending you proofs of the work along the way. You’ll have a new brand identity and website built to convert without having to Frankenstein your way through YouTube tutorials.

Never worry about your studio closing agaIn

Building an online brand will give you the peace of mind to be able to offer yoga or healing online, create programs or other offerings, and give you the freedom to work around your ideal schedule on the things that delight you the most.


We’ve got a lot of  tips to share & stories to tell and your inbox is the best place for that. 

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