Ready for the deep-dive? Feel like taking a few flying leaps forward? You've come to the right place.

We know that building your own business can be pretty scary and many nights might be spent solo with your glass (bottle) of wine, wondering how the heck you are going to make this actually work. You have a dream, a thing that drives you like nothing else ever has, and you feel a little stuck. 

The great news is that we've been there and totally understand why you are stuffing your face with marshmallows at 2am, unable to sleep because your brain won't shut off the worry and anxiety. We've been helping small business owners and the solo-entrepreneur for some time now, to get your business feet underneath you.

With options for either an individual full-day, half-day, or group master class business coaching session with our CEO Visionary-Founder, Rosemary, you will be taken to the next step in your business evolution. If growth, tangible action steps, and creative freedom to expand sound like your jam, then drop us a line below. 

Join Rosemary for an individual full-day or half-day, or Group Master Class, immersive coaching session for your business.
We will break down the goals for your business and you will leave with a roadmap on how to get there, specifically working with each quarter for the next year. In addition, we will map out your 1-year, 3-year, and 10-year goals and dreams. We'll look at your calendar, plan your next projects, and give you clarity on how to pivot in your business so you can gain more freedom in your life and stop trading time for money. Included is an overview and breakdown of Profit First, implementing an EOS operating system, CRM and Email Management, Team Accountability Chart, Lead Generation, Lead Conversions, Leadership, Customer Satisfaction and, any other customized systems or processes to make you more efficient and maximize your time, while launching your company into its next evolution of success.

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All things Instagram

One of our most popular classes, we cover everything you could ever want to know about Instagram, the good, bad, sometimes ugly, and the hilarious. Never posted even one feed post? We've got you. Pretty savvy but really want to dial in your reels and stories? We've got you too. This 2 day class also covers 12 modules to help you become an Instagram genius (we promise). We'll also cover any pain points specific to you, and you'll be doing the IG boogey before you know it. 

We know, this one can seem a little scary but having a cohesive (and you know, aesthetically pleasing) brand is pretty much paramount to all you do. It legitimizes you and your business and will have people wanting to learn more. We'll cover you in this 1 day class with all you need to know about branding, brand elements, content, and design. You can buy us a coffee later as thanks. Lavender latte for us!

Branding + Content

Build Your Business
All Things Instagram
Branding & Content

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