Who We Are


Artisan Creative & Media Agency is a company born from client demand. As the needs of our clients grew, our company and the services we offer grew out if those needs. We’ve developed an agency that puts clients in the best position possible to create business results through social media and content marketing.


Core Values

What We Stand For

We built our company on seven core values that serve as our North Star when making any decision in our business. From hiring to the content we create to the clients we select to work with— everything fits within our Core Values..

“Your brand simply means your reputation. It’s what people say about you behind your back”
Rosemary Watson

Core Focus


We believe that you need people’s attention in order to get them to like you, and then trust you enough to give you money. 

We gain that attention by telling specific people compelling stories. When you do that consistently, you have a chance to pop in their heads when they need what you offer.

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